It’s getting dull :/

My BD and I relationship is getting dull... how can you fix things and bring the spark back that used to be there in the beginning? We broke up a couple months ago bc we were arguing too much and needed a break usually when we get back together we start calling eachother babe love or baby again like a week later after talking but this time is different it’s been a month now & it feels akward as hell if I call him that. I don’t want to call him that bc I feel like he’s going to be feeling some type of way as

I feel like he doesn’t want to deal with me on that type of level and that he’s just txtng me everyday calling just to keep me around but doesn’t want anything serious with me as he is going through a lot rn I know it’s too much with me being in a relationship again

our conversations are getting dry and boring & I really want things to be the way it used to be...

we have sex every week we hug and kiss when we greet each other we act like Wer together but I don’t like how our conversation look or seem like Wer just strangers

. We used to say I love u a lot esp at the end of our conversations or before bed bc we love eachother a lot but would it be weird if I said it now? I feel like what’s the difference. Just bc Wer not fully together doesn’t mean I don’t love him so why not? I just feel like if I say it hel be like ??? Uhh ok or reject me and I end up feeling stupid bc I want to hear it back would it be dumb if I said it to him at this point ? Should I talk to him about it or say it to him before he leaves when he comes over while hugging him ? See if he says it back? I just want to know where he stands