Need Help! Legal advice or can this be saved


*** DISCLAIMER*** yes I know I will get hate comments. It’s ok it’s expected. It’s not always so easy once you’re in the situations.

Is Anyone familiar with Law in Texas- squatter law etc.

I’m 33 my bf is 28. As crazy as it sounds I want to save this but not sure how anymore. Counseling didn’t work cause he won’t go. He has been

my boyfriend of 4 years and I don’t want it to be wasted times.

He comes from a home where his parents were abusive and had infidelities and drugs abuse. He resents his dad for it but he is sadly repeating the cycle.

Despite the amazing times we have had, He became physically abusive when I caught him cheating on me in the past. His issue is that he said all men do cheat it’s in their nature. In July I had enough and called the police. He is a resident so a conviction while a resident of the US can risk deportation. He is currently pending December trial. Since his arrest we got pregnant, then miscarried. But we have not fought until a month ago. We had a better relationship and things have been good. He allowed me access to his phone and trust was forming once again.

Well then His mother and father come into town and she is in his ear saying im controlling him. I shouldn’t have his passcode etc (coming form a women who is cheated on and cheat on her husband too, smh) So we end up fighting after she got in our relationship. Since their visits every time he gets mad he leaves to their house for the weekend or days. (Side note-We have one car so i have to Uber or get rides, I can’t afford a car and no cash to buy one. I pulled 401k to start up his business/ yes I know 😫)

So since he can’t hit me anymore that’s how he hurts me. By leaving me with no car. And now is verbally abusive. Says he Is no longer attracted to me etc. I mean just the worst things you can think of. The he gets drunk and says he loves me but send me hate text messages blaming me for our failed relationship.

Why don’t you kick him out you say? Well he pulled the squatters law in Texas. He won’t leave unless I give him an official eviction notice signed by the court. He hasn’t paid anything since he is starting up a business. I took on the financial burden this year.

Can this be true!? Is that right? Any options besides the leave him part. Or kick him out. Cause that’s not that simple.