BFP! What I did this cycle


We're pregnant after 4 months of trying! Took a test at 7dpo, bfn, took again at 11dpo (day before my period was due) and got a very clear bfp! I definitely poured over these posts while trying, so here's mine.

1. I tried pink stork fertility tea from day 1 to about 7dpo. I did have some last cycle too and got a bfn, but I had received it late so only drank it for about a week or so. Don't know if this actually helped or just coincidence.

2. I stopped using preseed. I had tried it month 2 and 3 and didn't like the consistency.

3. I took prenatals every day. Before this month I was only doing folic acid everyday, per recommendation on my doctor.

4. This is the first month I used opks, but I don't think that really had much to do with it since I had already confirmed with bbt that I seemed to always ovulate on cycle day 14, luckily I'm very regular. Opks double confirmed it but didn't change timing of sex

5. I did start having sex a little earlier during my fertile window. I get ewcm at the beginning of the fertile window for one or two days, and watery right before ovulation. I had been timing sex based on ovulation dates, but this month I made sure to time it with ewcm times AND ovulation dates.

My chart