Husband not great with second pregnancy

Audrey • 31 years old. Mom of one little boy 👶🏼 with another bundle on the way! Happily married since ‘16 💏

I feel like my husband doesn’t really care about this pregnancy. With our son, he was great, especially towards the end because I had gotten hurt and was on crutches and bc of the pain my blood pressure was really high and I had to be induced.

We have a 14 month old and we have had to move 3 times in the past 6 months bc of my husbands job with one of those moves being international. We have been under a lot stress to say the least. I have done the majority of packing and unpacking with all the moves with the exclusion of heavy lifting.

Im 30 weeks and I haven’t been sleeping well as I’m sure most of you ladies aren’t either just to being so big and can’t sleep on my back or stomach and having to pee 10 times a night. He goes to bed the same time as me but the difference is he sleeps all night and when I ask him to get up with our son bc he gets up early he gets mad.

He’s had no patience for me as I’ve been feeling extra stressed, emotional, tired, and crampy. Its been really hard to get up and down with my son- carrying him, lifting him up and down, and getting him in and out of the car. It’s just starting to really hurt and he doesn’t understand.

Am I just pregnant and hormonal and overreacting? I know my husband is stressed out too with the moving and his work but I just need extra help right now 🙁

Edit our son sleeps through the night I meant my son wakes up early in the morning