Wedding ring for him?

Horchata Mommy💋 • BABY #2 on the way!!🤱🏻👣 🌸•Arielle Sophia•🌸 10.12.18 ✨ Omar 💍✨👨‍👩‍👧 7.31.18✨

My baby daddy purposed to me 4/5 months ago & he got me the most beautiful ring I can ask for, I’m not picky whatsoever & thankfully he isn’t either. So I feel like, since Christmas /his birthday is around the corner it’s time for me to get him one as well. Any Opinions on where to shop? 🧐Not so expensive either bc I’m a SAHM w/1 month old baby girl & in a budget 😭 BUT don’t get me wrong .. he’s worth every penny!😭❤️