Is this it?

Kaitlin • married to my childhood sweetheart. Finnegan Wade (Aug2019) and trying for baby #2!

Hey everyone!

This is my first time posting, and im super nervous.

I really 100% thought I was out this month, due to lack of symptoms. Out of curiosity I took a cheapo dip test yesterday (9dpo)...BFN.

I was discouraged and thought I'd just wait out my period, since I'm only 10dpo. Then, I kept seeing baby on board stickers in car windows today and my coworkers all had baby on the brain. So, I just got home and thought I'd give it one more shot.

This is what I walked back into. Could it be a false positive? Is it dark enough to be a real positive, when I got a BFN yesterday? I'm so excited, but I don't want to tell my husband unless I'm sure. I'd like to spare his feeling from false hope, if possible.