Give it to me raw.

I need a reality check here ladies. I don’t feel like a priority to my bf. Now I know I can be a little clingy which is why I’m asking for honest unbiased opinions. We’ve been dating for 5 months but I’ve been single for over 2 years. He’s my second bf I’m his 5th (?) gf. I’ve waited a while to be in a relationship & I guess its not all I thought it’d be. I’m a lovey dovey person that needs to feel wanted & needed.

My bf & I have already said our I love you’s (him first). He told me after a really heated argument. We were lying next to each other silently. He said “I love you (my name). I love you a lot”. I’ve since asked him did he say it prematurely in the heat of the moment. He says no he still feels the same. We’ve met some of each other’s family members, plan on moving in together next year. It’s been almost a week since I’ve seen him. Which is fine. We’re both adults with busy lives. But I at least want to hear from him. There’s been times where I’ve text him good morning have a good day blah blah. & literally won’t hear back until midday next day.

His reasoning is that work was super busy then he was so tired he passed out when he made it home. It only takes a second guys. To say hello. Or good night. Anything. It wouldn’t bother me as much if I didn’t see him doing other things like updating social media etc. For some reason I see it as, the 59 times you’ve picked up your phone today, you haven’t thought of me once. How do I get put at the bottom of your list, when you’re at the top of mine.

I let him know it bothers me when that happens. He says I shouldn’t be bothered. He thinks of me all the time, I’m his one & only etc. But it’s reached a point where I’ve stopped reaching out first because I’m afraid of how I’ll feel when he doesn’t respond. I beat myself up for being clingy or expecting too much. I don’t want to be hesitant to call or text my own bf when I want or need to talk to him. I asked him what goes through your mind when you see me text or call and don’t get back until the next day.

His answer was that he’s doing something in the moment that has to be done right away. Getting ready for work, and going to work is all he really does. So he’ll read the message & tell himself he’ll answer later but never gets around to it. I

& I don’t blow him up. If I reach out once and don’t hear back. That’s it for me. Regardless of how long it’s been. Idk. This could be the clingy side of me. But I thrive on communication & the feeling of being desired. I provide that to him. I just want it in return. Am I being unreasonable? Or maybe we’re just not the match we thought we were.