My husband made me cry

Cocoa Puffs β€’ Direct Care Professional πŸ‘« Majoring in psychology 4.0 πŸŽ“ Christian ✝ 08/24/16πŸ’πŸ”

My husband and I were having sex. I had a long and exhausting day, so I ended up falling asleep while he was on top of me. I was in that state where you are half asleep but aware of what goes on around you, but he thought I was entirely asleep. What he did amazed me. He not only got off me, but I could feel him put my underwear and pants back on me. Then he cuddled me. I know it may not seem like anything to most people, but I have been touched inappropriately and molested since I was a kid by a few people before and an ex, so the amount of respect he has for me really touched my heart. When I finally woke up from my nap, I cried a little and told him how much I appreciate him.

Update: Thank you everyone for the touching words.