Is it possible?


Ok I found out that I was pregnant on October 29th. At 6 weeks I found out that I was expecting twins. I started to miscarry on Thanksgiving night. Went to the doctor that Monday only to find out that I was still pregnant which made triplets instead of twins. Lost that one that same night. Went to the doctor last Friday and my hcg numbers were 5. My breast weren't sore or itchy and the hpt I took was negative. My guy and I had a nice long session late Sunday night on into early Monday morning. Here it is Wednesday and my breast are getting sore all over again and very itchy. They usually get sore to let me know that I did in fact ovulate that cycle and stay sore until day 2 of af. Is it possible that I ovulated and could've gotten pregnant again?

All of my hormone levels were back to that of a non pregnant woman!

What are my chances of becoming pregnant immediately after my miscarriage?

I'm 44 with one living child (age 6)