Mirena reviews


My SO and I have been “not trying not preventing” pregnancy and this turns me into a crazy person at the end of every cycle because I think I’m pregnant. So, I’m looking for birth control methods so I can feel confident in my body and our future until we are DEFINITELY ready to have kids.

The problem is, I have never found a birth control method that works for me. I’ve tried several different oral contraceptives and they all make me feel insane. I tried the copper IUD and it made me bleed constantly for months on end.

Enter the Mirena IUD.

I’d like to hear from those of you who have/had the Mirena- especially if you tried oral contraceptives and/or the copper IUD to no avail and can compare those to the Mirena.

Does this IUD cause you to have intense mood swings? Have you noticed any signs of depression or increased anxiety since getting the Mirena? Have you noticed a significant change in your periods since getting the IUD? Have you noticed significant weight gain or weight loss since getting the Mirena? Etc.

Thank you!