11DPO & another BFN :(


Ladies I just need support today. Today is not a good day for me in TTC world. We have not been preventing pregnancy and trying for 8 months and nothing has happened.

This whole TWW I have been so positive because our timing was perfect. I woke up at 11DPO today and felt the churning cramps setting in and thought on no AF is coming my way. I took a test just to see as I couldn’t wait any longer and all BFNs. I just want to cry!

I know it is still early and I will pray AF does not show up. I have been battling irregular cycles and already did 2 rounds of clomid. My doctor had me take a break this month to do fertility testing. Next up is the HSG when AF shows.

I just am so disappointed today but I will keep praying that our BFP is coming soon. Any ladies on here going through the same thing I just want you to know you are not alone!