Feeling stuck

I have been feeling stuck in a relationship I don’t think I want to be in. I mean I am not 100% sure all I know is that in my head my fiancé is this amazing man who cares for me and appreciates me but reality is very different. We haven’t spoken about anything other than bills for over 3 weeks now. He’s either too busy with work, friends, or video games. Every other conversation I tried to initiate ended up with an argument.

This kind of thing has been happening on and off for a long time now but originally we blamed our unhappiness on the place we used to live at as I absolutely hated the flat and I felt very frustrated just being there, and so after 4 years we moved out of there into a new house I thought everything was gonna be nice, good and that our relationship will be able to thrive kind of thing. But that’s not been the case.

I have been thinking that maybe it’s not the place and that maybe we really aren’t meant to be however I feel like because we are now engaged, we have a house together l, a cat, bills, responsibilities,etc I don’t think we can even end this now.

How has anyone else dealt with breaking up a long term relationship?

Cause like I don’t think he will want to continue living with me (it would probably be awkward) but it’s not like either of us could afford a place on our own and I can’t move back to my parents as there’s nowhere to move or anything.

I just feel like I have no other option than to stay in a relationship that makes me upset everyday.

Any advice anyone?