3 weeks

Jenna • Jenna, 29, mama to Jade 11/15/18 and new baby due 7/17/24 ❤️

Baby Jade is 3 weeks old today and we’ve been having some issues. She drinks 4.5oz of milk every time she eats. She’s eating every 2-4 hours and she has hiccups constantly after she eats. She spits up all the time but went from 7lbs 6oz at birth to 8lbs 4oz at her last appointment. She’s gaining weight so the doctor isn’t concerned about the spitting up. She threw up last week and aspirated, and I needed to call 911 to get her to the hospital and checked. She was okay but the throwing up and spitting up still hasn’t stopped. I have her on Similac Advanced and she uses Avent Natural bottles because she refuses to use Dr. Brown bottles even though they help colic and gas. Any advice? This mama and my poor sweet girl are exhausted. :(