ok... this is a doozey... so my and my boyfriend are having sex and I am 9dpo. Last night at 8 dpo I was having some pretty minor cramping (hoping its implantation cramping 🤞🏻) but this morning I woke up and it was slightly worse. But anyways, he woke up wanting to have sex, we didn’t last night because I just had no desire to after taking a negative pregnancy test, which is very unlike me. But the second he put it in deep I felt a deep pain, like a knife was being shoved into my cervix, and it only hurt when he went deep. And when we were done there was A LOT of my discharge all over him, it was creamy white. I’m a little freaked out, any thoughts?? 😥😥 this is not normal for me at any time in my cycle and we’re first time TTCers, please give input. Any other ladies have painful intercourse before bfp?