Christian marriage advice


So this is the first time that I am posting. And I usually don’t say my business but I have no friends to even speak to. Or anyone to even understand. But I been with my husband for four years now. And I got married at 19. Anyways heading straight to the story. I feel like my marriage has reach rock bottom. Because me and my husband had went through a process of immigration for the Glory of God. He has received his papers 🙌😊. And we were so excited and we celebrated. 🎉🎊 well literally a week after from him receiving his resident’s card. I known his family for the four years we been together. He has a sister in law. And I have hanged with her without my husband a few times. Everything was cool. But after of him receiving his card and being with for four years. All of sudden she tells me so many things about my husband. How he is a liar, ungrateful, and monster. This is coming from his family. And revealing secrets and things of his past that he never told me. And I was in shock with so much information. That when I came home I couldn’t even look at him without wanting to cry. Not knowing who was lying and who have I been sleeping with. Because I felt like I didn’t know him anymore. I felt like I knew everything about him before all of this. I was able to tell someone who my husband is. But from hearing all of this from his family who’s known him all his life. I thought it had to be true. It hurt so much. And then on top of that same week. He was hiding money. So I thought what if he wants to leave. I was more angry 😡 and we argued. And then I changed and started throwing little information here and there that I knew. I don’t know if I was wrong for that. But he said what are you talking about and you changed a lot during this week. And he didn’t understand where everything was coming from. Then I hung out with his sister in law again and more information. When I came home I cried so hard and prayed. While he was at work. And the next day I went to work and we both worked in the same place. And we argued again and he said hurtful things that you could never take back. And I just walked out my job his sister in law picked me up. And I told her everything. And I took all the money he had hiding and I pack my stuff and left. And it was stupid because I didn’t have anywhere to stay I went to my friend house and her mom basically closed the door 🚪 on me. And said I wasn’t allow to stay. So I had my friend drop me off back home. I couldn’t go to my mother house 🏡. Because she lived far from where I live. But she was on the phone with me the whole time. I went home and he was there crying and begging me to not leave. And I basically just spilled everything. Because I needed to know the truth. And us as Christians we believe that getting married is for a lifetime. And I didn’t want to get a divorce right away. I wanted to see how could we fix it. And all of this happened in October in the same week of our birthday 🎁 what a birthday gift. But then as things started calming down. We were working it out he was saying everything that was true and we even did some counseling with our Pastors who been with us through this journey. And right when you know it there was another rise again in our marriage. His sister in law called a lawyer to sue my husband for 50,000.00 for false information that he said about her. And if he didn’t want her to sue him he had to apologize to his brother. Basically kissing ass. But anyways that was another problem it was also a risk for him for his residency because he is not suppose to get in trouble we’re still in process until he receives his citizenship. And we also had no money to pay all that. We were even trying to have a baby because we had a miscarriage last year. And then 4,000.00 was robbed from our bank account. Everything was getting worse and worse. Then in November his father came to visit from his country. The family is spilt up. And I feel like it’s my fault I feel stupid too. Anyways his family told me they even thought I was stupid. And they even spoke about our wedding how my dress wasn’t all that. And my wedding was below budget. But it still came out nice. And he was only marrying me for me papers. But they wasn’t sure if he really loved me or not. But they say he loves me. And I was just so confused. Because I felt like I knew him but then again I felt like I didn’t after this from his family. And now we’re in December and something is rising again little by little because she’s planning something so here we go again on this roller coaster. Sorry for the long rant ladies but I have been holding this in. Crying 😢 at night in a marriage where the most important foundation of a marriage is broken. There’s no trust,honesty, communication, and security. I feel broken. We’re trying to restore and I been praying to God. But there’s days where I feel hopeless 😩. And in ways I still feel broken-hearted. Just trying to heal and wanting to move forward. Because we have goals that we want to accomplish. But I just want to make sure will I accomplish my goals with the right person by my side. The one who became one with me at the altar. And said our vows. Ughh help please 😔

UPDATE *****

I placed this in another group but I am looking for more spiritual insight and mature advice and not comments of judgement or get a divorce nothing negative just positive to restore on my part in the areas of my marriage while the Lord does the rest.