Anxiety as the day gets closer (vent)


I’m scheduled to be induced on Sunday night/Monday morning. The closer it gets the more my anxiety flares. It’s not so much about the labor and delivery it’s more so that it seems my plans for everything besides labor and delivery are falling apart 😫 my 5 year old is stressed about being away from me for at least 3 days, which of course broke my heart. She’s super excited to be a big sister and that the baby is coming but she’s used to being with me full time. So in trying to to prepare her I wanted a set plan of who will have her when which was supposed to be my mom and sister, but now my inlaws have decided to come stay at my house 🙄 but no one can tell me when for sure they are coming or how long they are staying. So that’s stressing me the heck out.

And then my husband decides to tell me today that his mom took the whole week off and he’s not sure when they are going home. I had asked him months ago to make sure everyone knew I don’t want people staying at the house when I get home. I have a bad relationship with both of them and they have a tendency to trigger my anxiety pretty badly. She actually told me when I got home from the hospital with my daughter that she didn’t think I should be alone with the baby and that I wouldn’t be able to handle it 😳 and has always questioned my parenting choices, on pretty standard stuff, she doesn’t think after 3 kids need car seats, they smoke with the other nieces in the car, and told me we pay for prek because I don’t want to deal with my own child. And a huge altercation with FIL in the spring. So right now I’d prefer to not deal with them at all but am trying to be fair to DH as well.

Im just hoping to make it to Sunday without completely losing my mind at this point 😩 at least the bags are packed and everything is ready to meet our little guy.

Sorry for the long post needed to vent!