I need to get out of my head and over thinking. . Am i pregnant?

So my period was November 23-29 - I have a healthy period each and every month, I'm 27 and have no children. I've been off of Birth Control for close to a year.

My husband works out of town and until January I cannot travel with him so we've been making things work over the past few months.

We're not actively trying or stopping pregnancy, so let me clarify. Either way, we would be thrilled but are also content with it being just us.

My projected fertile window began December 3rd - 7th - we had a lot of unprotected sex starting on December 5th -11th ( I know that was yesterday, but I'm focusing more on the first few days)

We're not usually together doing my ovulation time because of scheduling, but not this month.

I know it's ONLY been a week, but today I am having major cramping in my lower abdomen, exhaustion and sore breast (which might be from multiple intercourse sessions, but I'm not sure)

I guess I'm just needing to get these thoughts out on paper and get feedback or support or something because I keep thinking about it.

Could I be experiencing implantation symptoms? Is it in my head? How quickly could I test?