Can’t stand my boyfriends mom ?

Let me just start by saying that the rest of his family is great. His older sisters are very supportive of everything we do, his nieces and nephews are great, in-laws, all these people I love. But his mom. 🙄 She is nice to me and everything, but she’s so attached to my bf that it’s sometimes weird to me... She had a long time boyfriend that she is no longer with as of a few years ago, and now she lives alone so I’m sure that doesn’t help.

It’s not that they’re super close or anything, but it’s a known fact in their family that my bf is her favorite. He’s the only son, the youngest, and his dad left them when he was little, so my bf had to kind of be the man of the house after that, and be a father figure to some of his nieces and nephews. Idk if this is why she clings to him but it drives me crazy! She was even hoping that when we had bought our house, that we would have an in-law suite so she could live with us!

She also seems to be pretty manipulative... for example, she had called my boyfriend a couple of times after we bought our house, and was basically asking him for a down payment to buy her a house. Like wtf? We don’t have that kind of money? She’s always doing stuff like that to him - saying “you’ll buy this for me right? Because I’m your mother and I’ve done a lot for you.” That is so manipulative to me! I also just feel like she has a hard time accepting that I have a family with him now and it’s not all about her.

Any advice on how to deal with her?