Totally just had a breakdown...

Elizabeth • Aubrey Rose 1/31/19 ❤️👨‍👩‍👧

So I wanted to attend the express class for understanding birth and newborn care at my hospital. My Dr didn't mention the classes at all to me and by the time I inquired, the 2018 classes were over. The only class that we could do is on January 5th. But compared to the 2018 ones, the class is 4 hours longer and the newborn care is now separate and would be 3 weeks later... Not to mention, they upped the price. My fiance can't take off from work because it's a really big week and the class is from 10am-5pm on a Saturday. I'm completely gutted because he really needs to be there since he's clueless on all of this. This also means, we don't get a hospital tour. Has anyone not taken the classes?

I'm due Feb 6th and they require payment up front for the class so if she comes early, then we lose the $40 if we signed up for the Feb 2nd class.