Am I pregnant?


So, me and my boyfriend have been trying to conceive for about 6 months now, done a million tests and they all came back negative. So last month after my flow started, we decided we’d just enjoy making love and it’ll happen when the time is right. BUT, the last few days I’ve been feeling really “strange” sickly, irritable, a little bit emotional, a bit moody, and my boobs have been feeling heavy. I’m not due on my period for another week or so. And tonight I went really light headed & felt really funny and my boyfriend said “your not pregnant are you” and I was like I doubt it. But earlier today I was getting dressed and my boobs felt a lot more snug in my favourite bra, but I haven’t said anything to my boyfriend & just now I was getting ready for bed and he was like “your boobs look bigger” and I was like well I did think that this morning too. My period isn’t due for about another week as I mentioned earlier in the post. Do I test now or wait? I’m preying this is it! My period seemed to be a lot shorter last month & not as painful, so I’m wondering, was it implantation bleeding? I’m preying this is it!!! Baby dust please ladies!!!