Jessica • 2 years of trying... BFP for baby number 1 9•30•19 👶❤️ Little girl born 5•8•20

I finally have my doc appointment tomorrow. I’m going to ask for a blood test. I am 6 days late for AF, I have all the symptoms of either pregnancy or AF for the last 2 weeks. Even my nipples seem darker (but could just be my eyes) they are constantly “happy” and they hurt! On the 30th of November I had 3 days of dark brown watery blood that was only when I wiped. All home tests are bfn.

I’m excited to have an answer either way because I want to know yes you are you finally did it! Or no you aren’t so let’s be sad and hurt for a moment, then let it go and keep trying. Sitting in limbo sucks! I’m just so scared what I’m going to find it tomorrow is going to be that my body is just being weird. I keep trying to tell myself it will be ok if it’s negative but I know I’m going to bawl. Positive vibes and words of encouragement are appreciated!