Induction stories wanted

Krista • Mommy to a 2 year old little girl💜 and a newborn boy. 💙

So, I live in Ontario, Canada, and if my son doesn't come by Saturday, I'm being induced. I'll be 39 weeks on the day of induction and getting it due to lack of movement, which is apparently because of his size. The ultrasound says hes about 8lbs 5ounces and that I have no room left for him.

My daughter was 7lbs 4ounces and came naturally on her due date, so I have no clue what do expect.

I'm already 3cm's dilated and at least 50% effaced. Had Braxton hicks for weeks, and tried many things to start labour naturally. So far nothing has work. Also had two sweeps done.

My question is what are everyone's stories with being induced. Hoping not to hear to many horror stories as it won't really help my anxiety. I'm trying to calm my anxiety. I know it will probably be worse than natural, but I'm at a total loss on what to expect.

Thank you in advance ladies for your stories. I really appreciate it.