We can’t agree on a name!! Help!

My husband & I both have 2 favorite names (1 for each gender) but can’t agree on one! Please please please comment ideas that are similar to the ones we love

For a boy:

My husband loves Callum

I love Demitri

For a girl:

My husband loves Natalie

I love Cecily

Callum is an Irish name meaning “dove.” I love that it’s Irish because my husband is Irish & the meaning is beautiful, I just feel like the name gives off a more sporty vibe rather than a strong, masculine, classic one.

I love Demitri because it’s Greek & I’m Greek. My husband says there’s too many “bad guys” in movies named Demitri

I feel like Natalie is a little too common

My husband doesn’t like Cecily because he knows someone he’s not fond on named Cessily