My husband was so sweet today!

Lyndsy • Mother of 2 fur babies expecting Twins Feb 5 2021 🤰🏼🤰🏼First IVF Success!

So after a pounding headache from hell that started at 8:00am and me being on my period and moody and having insane cramps like way worse then normal. I’m finally taking a much needed bath. My husband was so sweet today. He told me to go lay down and relax cause he could tell I was not feeling good. He made dinner tonight and brought it to me while I was laying in bed. Then poured me a bath and lit my pumpkins smelling candle. Just had to brag cause he’s the best husband I can ask for. Especially sense this period has been my hardest Iv had in awhile. With it being Christmas time and all and me being 3 days late. I let myself get excited then when this bitch showed up I was heartbroken. 4 years of trying and 1 failed <a href="">IUI</a>. But yet I’m still hoping for my miracle.