The Financial Talk

How did you/your spouse bring up the discussion of splitting finances/bills? Were you both on the same page or did it take some further discussion or negotiating?

My boyfriend and I are getting ready to move in together. He’s very much a 50/50 type of person in most aspects. But, he makes wayyy more than me monthly (about 3x+) & has a very cushioned savings account on top of that. I currently live paycheck to paycheck bc I work part time and go to school full time, which he supports me doing. He works full time. The places he’s looking at moving into have more space than we need which means they cost more. He doesn’t exactly shut down the smaller places I suggest but he wants the extra rooms for any future babies and also bc he likes to have company over or have the space for ourselves.

So, how do I bring up that i would want to split bills on a sliding scale, basically? I don’t want to sound like im trying to stick him with more bills or make him pay more/pay my way but he really can afford more than me and he’s looking for places that our above our needs just bc he wants to and in his mind, he can afford it & with splitting bills, I should be able to afford more too.