faint positive ??


okay am i crazy ???


okay couldn’t help myself took another test

i’m in complete shock what do i do 😭❤️


this was this morning 12/14/18 i keep taking them expecting the worse 💔 i’m constantly hungry but NOTHING sounds good, ate bbq at work yesterday and it didn’t agree w/ us at all, also just bought some prenatals last night, scheduled an appt today to take one of their pregnancy tests & check for a uti. Looking at apartments today bc i know i will no longer be welcomed at the place i’m living at now. trying to get ahold of someone at the work force office to check the status of my application for daycare services for my daughter that would help me out a lot honestly ... looking into wic which i had before and food stamps, I need a lot of help i’m not even sure if i have insurance... sigh* i got this though ❤️✊🏼