Pls help me decipher!!!!!

Hello <a href="">Eve</a> world!

I’ve been dating my girl for 5 months now. Last month she surprised me and actually “took a step back” because she said “I wasn’t over my ex” which caught me off guard. She completely gave up on me and we didn’t talk for days. 5 days later she called me to meet up and she apologized, said she wanted me back and just got scared because she realized the feelings she’s feeling are real and her hearts now involved so she is scared but she isn’t going to let fear deprive her from the relationship we have going. I took her back and have been supportive even though the fact that she left me hurt a lot. We were doing fine until Friday, which we spent together as a great day. Saturday she went to see me at work and we had lunch but something felt weird, that night we talked and she brought up nostalgia from her hometown and was remembering a lot of things and she abruptly said I have to go to sleep, I called to ask if she was ok and she sounded like she didn’t really want to talk so we said goodnight. Sunday she didn’t contact me at all so I checked up on her at night and she just said “it’s one of those days, don’t take it personal. Monday came around and no contact again so I asked if she was ok and if she still felt down and she said “yeah still, I’m sorry don’t take it personal” and that was the last she responded. Tuesday came along and she said “have a good day at work 🙂” and I replied and she never texted me back after. This morning she texted “morning” but I just feel mentally exhausted of trying to make sure she’s ok but she has not once asked if I am, I’m terrified that she’s doing the same no talk again and just leaving again, I’m mentally exhausted and emotionally exhausted. If I ever bring up concerns things get flipped on me, if I’m ever the quiet one she gets angry because I’m distant, she also says I’m dramatic and to talk to her when I decide to be an adult again, yet she basically doesn’t talk to me for 4-5 days In a row, doesn’t want to tell me what’s wrong, and still tells me not to take it personal? SOS <a href="">Eve</a> World!

- A hurting Lesbian