Finally have a Schedule🙏😭

Katalina • I’m in love with this man whom I am marrying in one year! and I am happy and having his child and honestly we couldn’t have made a better decision in our lives❤️But the conversations are worth while too 👌

It was rough the first few weeks of life but this sweet boy now sleeps at 8:45 pm amd wakes every two hours like clock work for his feedings ! I wake up amd start the day ether at 6:45 am or 9:45 am, depending on if Jax wants to sleep in a little longer. His naps are 12:45 pm amd 2:45 pm during the day ( on occasion he'll nap earlier at 11:45) and it is very nice for me so i can get things done around the house! Just extremely thankful for feeling a little bit of sanity come back to me amd feel like i can enjoy some time for myself at last 🙏 Merry Christmas ladies !🎄❤😄