I hate doctors like this

So I go into the doctor and I tell the nurse ok I’m 11 days late no sign of af coming can you please run a blood test because all the tests are coming back negative. So of course she makes me pee in a cup so they can test it themselves like always it comes back negative. The doctor then comes in and says well you said you wanted us to run a pregnancy test it’s negative I look at her like no shit Sherlock really I then repeat can you run a blood test this is when she proceeds to tell me well it could just be your hormones she looks down at my charts and says well those look fine then she lists a whole bunch of other things it could be and I understand ok you need to list these things but one more person says it’s stress and I’m going to have to do some real damage. I am a college student trying to conceive of course I’m stressed but every month my period comes at 32 days on the dot🙄 she just looked at me like I was nuts the entire time and I just tell her look I know my body more then you do so can you run the pregnancy test and if it comes back negative great you where right but we still need to figure out what’s wrong and if it’s positive then also great it’s as simple as that. I just wanted to punch this lady she was getting on my nerves. Thank you for letting me vent I’m done now lol