Dating an employee

So this gorgeous man starts working at my company a while back (I'm his boss) we start working closer as weeks went by. I begin noticing we have a lot in common and I mean A LOT! We end up hanging out nothing sexual and seems like we really enjoy each others company. After 2 months I finally ask what's his deal and wheres he's trying to get with me. Long story short he's an AMAZING person and makes me feel like no one has been able to do so before. He has this ability to bring peace and serenity when everything is crumbling around me. I'm so in love with him and I feel how much he loves me with a simple stroke. It's like never before! Our workplace relationship has not changed, we understands that what is going on between us is no reflection on how work should be handled. No one knows but it kills me not to be able to tell everyone how happy and complete he makes me feel. Not to mention the sex; FUCKING AWESOME!!😅 SO good to get that off my chest!