Tipped Uterus


So recently I've been doing some research on the causes for my extreme irregularity, occasionally heavy bleeding, odd back pain and more. I first got my period a few months before I turned 13. I'm now 15 and have only had about 12 periods. I've been to the GYN and put on a round of progesterone after my FSH and progesterone came back low with high testosterone and estrogen. Started this Monday after having my most recent period end around mid August. My GYN didn't want to give me a diagnosis of PCOS or put me on birth control until I was nearing 16 OR if there were obvious health issues that proved the pill to be helpful. The reason for the lack of diagnosis of PCOS is because of my age and "borderline" symptoms. I found the majority of the following to be true for me: pain in vagina or lower back during sex, pain during menstruation, trouble inserting tampons, increased urinary frequency, feeling of pressure in the bladder, UTI's, protrusion of the lower abdomen, mild incontinence. I'm not saying I do or don't have it, but I'm curious about others experiences with a tipped uterus, as I know it is not uncommon.