Trying to be the better person.


So, I have this friend who just got engaged. I am super happy for her (it’s about damn time, really) but I just know she’s going to be such a bridezilla! She is extremely type A, needs to have her needs met and starts arguments over the littlest things! She doesn’t have many girl friends so I’m guaranteed to be in the wedding (plus she was in mine).

Here comes the worst part: she was completely uninterested in my wedding planning. She just wanted to know when and where to show up, what to wear when and what to bring. All stuff I had to figure out and tell her. There were no thoughtful gifts, not even a message or post about: “I’m so excited for your big day” no “I’m so happy I get to be a part of it” nothing. When it came to my bridal shower her answer was “I may be able to make an appearance” (completely seriously). Now. On top of all of this, no one wanted to throw us any of our parties. I threw us our engagement party (just a reason to have a party really), I had to pay for my own bridal shower and begged my personal attendant and MIL to plan it with that money (which we had at an air bnb that I surprised this friend for her birthday the night before my shower with a girls night soirée), and I even had to plan most of my bachelorette party. Now, I realize this isn’t all on her, it’s also on my family and the other bridesmaids and especially my MOH (though she’s from out of state and knows nothing about our state).

Another thing that just frustrates me about her and wedding planning stuff: I worked hard (a TON) of over time hours to completely pay for my wedding myself. She thinks she’s going to do this (after she just bought a house 2 months ago) plus she knows she’ll have “some” help from her parents, but she’ll still pay for most of it (so she thinks). And brags ALL THE TIME about this fact. Me and all our other friends know her mom and dad will pay for the whole thing no matter the cost (I do have a bit of a jealousy problem —working on it).

Here’s my dilemma: all I wanna do is be a bi*** and if/when she asks for help, to just say fuck you, you didn’t help me. And to laugh when she’s struggling and just rub her face in all of it. And/or just be SUPER extra and awesome about everything so she realizes how shitty she was.

I realize I have a bit of a jealousy problem and that’s only making this whole situation worse but what should I do? Am I really that much of a bi*** for thinking all these things?