29 DAYS LATE and finally got my BFP!!

Josie • Wife || Toddler Mama || TTC Baby #2 ♥️

I’m in disbelief!!! I did NOT expect a postive!

This is for all those ladies who:

•Just got off the pill.

•Got off the pill mid-pack.

•Took numerous tests, all negative.

•Period is 20+ days late

Now this isn’t pertaining to everyone, but for those wondering what types of symptoms I had, I’ll post them here 🙂

First off I went off the pill mid pack this very past October! And took 5 tests before deciding to just call it off and wait it out. Finally today I thought I’d give it a go and just go ahead and test (TOTALLY expecting a negative, and getting a dark positive within 1 minute of the rest itself!)

Symptoms I had (or didn’t have):

-I had slightly sore boobs. (Ever so slightly, so I didn’t think this was a symptom)

-Slight bloating

-Fatigue (but I used to have anemia so this wasn’t too big of an issue for me)

-NO discharge

-NO backaches

-NO extreme cramps

-NO nausea

-NO sudden weight gain

-NO weird cravings

So ladies, if you find yourself starting to give up, or starting to call it off, give it one more chance! I had no belief that if he pregnant, bht here I am! First time trying to conceive as well ♥️♥️

I’ll be testing tomorrow with a pink test to be absolutely sure 🙂❤️

**UPDATE**: I retested with a pink dye test (well actually two) and both turned out BFP! The result line showed up dark before the control line even showed up 🙂. I have my first appointment this coming Monday! Of course this is my first so I’m super excited!! ♥️