Please don’t judge I just need some advice!!

So I’ve got with some one new recently been together bout month and half & since last night we’ve been arguing because he keeps bringing up irrelevant shits! Then this morning I’m sitting in the living room after cooking him breakfast and he comes out with all these things asking if I want to have a threesome and that he wouldn’t mind.. so I replied with you clearly think very little of me to want to share me with someone else!? This made me feel very uncomfortable 😣 then next thing I know his basically finished the relationship over nothing 😪 tells me he loves me constantly how can someone love you but treat you like your invalid!! I mean I’ve known him for 11 yrs we both have children from previous relationships.. I feel so fucking low and I’ve never felt like this for ages! Like I’m doing something wrong .. please tell me what is wrong with me why am I so hard to love why does nobody want to stay with me 💔💔