Second miscarriage


This random kid on facebook said to me:

“Why complain about what your body cant do when you could go adopt a child and make their life better and probably yours too”

I’m so hurt that this person told me this.

My first two pregnancies have ended in miscarriages, and I’m currently waiting for test results. You don’t know the fucking pain I’ve endured trying to carry a healthy full term baby.

The past two weeks alone I’ve gotten stabbed by needles like 10 times. 4 tubes of blood taken in one sitting, I almost passed out. But because I want to do things right, and find out what’s going on in my body.

You can’t just tell someone to go adopt. Adopting children isn’t like walking into a shelter and telling the employee “I want that one” and you walk out the same day.

Adoption is expensive and it takes a long time ‘cause they research everything about you.

I’m barely 23, so I still have time to figure things out.

In the mean time, while we can we will keep trying.

I really hope one day we will have a sticky bean♥️

Also, sorry i had to rant