I'm 21, he's 37

I've just started dating a 37 year old guy, and we get on super well.

We FaceTime every night for like at least 3 hours, and text 24/7.

Although the age gap scares me seriously. I'm obviously not at a point where I want to get married or have kids yet and I'm pretty sure at the age of 37 that's the kind of stuff he's going to want and pretty soon.

Do I continue to date and see how it goes, as I don't want to outright ask what he wants as we are very fresh and that could make things awkward.

Think it's more strange for me as my step dad is 42 and is closer to his age then to mine .

I'm also worried about what other people might say, including my own parents as there is a 16 year age gap!

Any advice, or anyone in a similar situation?