Postpartum Hell, how did you deal with it?

So 57 days ago I gave birth to my daughter everything changed once she got here with my baby's father he wasn't being that much helpful while I was trying to recover he just wanted to be out clubbing in one of those drunk nights he came home I checked his phone found some recent sexting conversation of women he had sex with before just giving birth weeks earlier this hit me bad I felt super ugly and fat and just hated myself and body when I confronted him he beat me up it hurt more being betrayed that way he was my best friend now I can't even trust him anymore now everything I say is a trigger for him to want to beat me up he always hits me in my head so people won't notice in one of those times I put my hand to block it and injured my hand pretty bad I love him and after birth I have felt so depressed and he just keeps putting me down he won't touch me and refuses to have sex and only wants bj and I've brought it up that I wanted to but it seems like the more I try the more he goes away so I decided to stop bringing it up maybe he's disgusted by me idk but now I just feel so out of place how did y'all make it work after birth how did you deal with your postpartum? What should I do he's also broken 4 of my phone's within the past months every time I try to leave after he tells me I make him miserable he stops me