Am i pregnant

I’m so confused if i’m pregnant or not, me and my partner have been trying to get pregnant, this is my first time he came inside me, which was 5 days ago, the day after i started getting really sharp pains in my lower stomach and getting feelings and cramps like i’m getting my period and it’s been happening for 3 days now, i’m due for my period in a week but i never get cramps this early, i’ve been feeling super tired and super sick and bloated, but i would thought i would of gotten sore boobs by now if i was pregnant i have no other systems other then feeling sick and bloated and having sharp pains in my lower stomach, i also took a test yesterday and it was negative but i thought it may be too early to test, i just want to know if i’m pregnant or not because it’s stressing me out..

picture of how bloated i am 😒😒