Sleep training -Ferber method. Did it work for your little one?


Hey y’all. My little man is 10 months old and his normal schedule is up to nurse every 4 hours at night almost on the dot.

Now (post teething/fever - he’s been fever free over 48 hours now & his teeth have popped thru) he is up every 1-2 hours and wants to nurse himself to sleep and screams if I put him in his bed.. resulting in him sleeping on me (which I sleep awful this way).

I’m so exhausted and thinking of doing Ferber tonight. My heart breaks thinking of him crying at night and not nursing him, so I’m hoping to hear success stories to help me get through this.

I’m drinking extra strong coffee today. Any advice is greatly welcomed!

Also anyone who has had to room share & sleep train, would loveeee your advice.

Thanks ladies!!

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