Need help please


Okay so I had unprotected sex November 21 and again on November 22nd. He did the whole pulling out but we all know that don’t work. So I been going through the symptoms probably like 3 or 4 day’s I been feeling very nausea ever morning I’m blotted my stomach looks very weird. I was supposed to come on Tuesday haven’t came on yet don’t even feel like I am. And the beginning I was going through Lil cramps but nothing serious but that finally stopped. I been sleeping a lot going to the bathroom a lot. Eating like a pig and my stomach feels tight or like full. Went to the hospital last night test case back negative my mom thinks something is up she thinks I am. So she told me to hold off and see. If I don’t come on the end of December then yup I am. What scares me is she went through the same thing one dr said yes you are pregnant and another one told her she wasn’t. So my mom was at the point where she was like forget it I’m not and ended up losing the baby.