Birth story


Hey girl so on Monday I was feeling off and couldn’t get out of bed so I decided to just go to sleep because I was having my doctor appointment the next day in the morning. I went to my doctor in the morning at 9:30am she check me like always and said I was having contractions so she decided to check me and said I was dilated 2cm the nurse who took my blood pressure told the doctor that my blood pressure was 144/98 so they send me to maternity and labor to do some labs. I come to maternity and labor hospital around 11:30am did some blood work and they told me that I was having my baby girl. Around 1pm they send me to the maternity room and doctor check me I was 5cm I was processing really fast but I couldn’t feel contraction. Around 6:40pm they check me again and I was 8cm so they thought I was going to take longer around 7 I told the nurse I had push do she check me and baby head was out call the doctor fast and push three times and she was here

7:12 pm kailani was born 6lb 7oz

She was inpatient to come meet mommy 12/12:18 I was only 37 week and 2 days .