Could I have endometriosis?

I know this is something that can only be diagnosed by a doctor but I wanted to make sure if I brought it up to my doctor she wouldn’t think I was crazy!

My periods are very heavy. There have been times where I wear an ultra tampon and an overnight pad at the same time and I bleed through within 5 hours. In the beginning, it’s usually filled with clots. The clots are big enough that I can feel them leave. Some are about the size of my finger.

They’re also excruciatingly painful. If I do not take Aleve before my cramps start, I usually throw up from the pain.

I recently started the birth control patch and I’ve noticed a slight decrease in pain and amount of blood but I’m still usually so uncomfortable I can’t go to class, and I still have to change my ultra tampon every three hours or so to prevent any leaks.

I also get these weird, very sharp, very intense pains in my pelvic area in between my periods. They last about a minute long. The pain is so bad I usually have to freeze and just breathe.

Could this be endometriosis? Is there something else this could be? Or do I just have sucky periods?