Panicking Part 2


Continuing to panic that I’m pregnant. Mostly cause I can’t get the guy who did this to me out of my mind. I thought it’d add more details.

I am officially 2 days late. Guy and I had sex either the day my last period ended or the day after. Used a condom all was great. Then I few hours later he put the tip in me a pre came w/o then I pushed him off immediately (even though I said no). I took plan b not even 10 minutes later. 3 ish hours later he fingered me

About 9 days later I spotted for a day during ovulation. Haven’t had any spotting or anything so far and I’m 2 days late. I know plan b makes you early or late, and the stress cause of college finals. I would go get a pregnancy test but I’m afraid it will give me a false positive or negative. Plus I’m only 2 days late so I don’t find the need quite yet

Any input will help