Is my dog having nightmares or seizures?


We have a 2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier. Since she was about 6months old we’ve thought she’s just had nightmares and a deep sleeper. These last couple weeks though I’ve started to wonder if it’s something else, and last night really made me think she’s actually having seizures. I’ve only noticed it at night when she’s sleeping bc she sleeps with us but during the day we aren’t home so I’m not sure if it happens then or not.

1. She has wet the bed quite a few times and sleeps through it. She is fully potty trained and that’s the only time she has accidents in the house

2. She twitches for a long time. Never acts like she’s running, her whole body is just shaking/twitching and lasts for a minute or more.

3. She’s hard to wake up when she’s having the fit/nightmare. I can pet her and even gently shake her but it does not seem to do much to wake her up. Eventually it just stops and then she wakes.

4. She makes a snorting sound when it happens. No whining or anything it just sounds like snorting

5. Last night for the first time when she had another fit I noticed her whole body was stiff and she didn’t wake up for at least 2-3 minutes. When she finally woke she looked a little confused. That is the first time I ever felt like she really was having a seizure.

Does this sound like she is having seizures or is she maybe just a really heavy sleeper that is having nightmares? I have only started looking into this today and it does seem like she seizing but I want to know if anyone else on here has experienced it with their pets and if they think it’s the same thing. I am also planning on calling our vet today but wanted to see what others on here could tell me as well.