Stressed 😳😳😳


So my husband and I currently have a 6 month old little girl. Well I’m a stay at home, but within this last month I started taking orders for custom work with my cricut. Well it has really taken off and I have had over 200 Christmas ornaments ordered within the last two weeks. 😳. I’m very grateful for the money so I can help pay for Christmas for our little girl. Well I work on orders during the day as much as I can but this last week soon as my husband gets home I try to have him help with our little girl so I can try to get some orders done. I wanted to get everything done this week so I can finish wrapping presents and decorating and getting our house ready for Christmas next week. Well as soon as I put our little girl to bed (which he will give her a bottle but that’s about it 😳), I want to have my two hands to get some work done. But the whole time my husband is sitting there moping about how I won’t spend anytime with him at all. He comes over and tries to grab me or wants me to stop what I’m doing to come give him a hug or tries to take my hand and makes me grab him. That is the biggest turn off ever. I think if I got more help it would help things out. He says he will help anything I need. I mention we need to make bottles and he just sits there playing on his phone. I get it he’s been off working all day and just wants to sit and relax. But I do too. Heck I hit the floor a hour before he does making his break and packing his lunch and feeding our little girl. Sorry to vent but idk how much more I can take.