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Almost every hospital bag post I see mentions them bringing a pacifier. Don't get me wrong those things can be a life saver, but i just wanted to share a little advice I wish someone would've shared with me when I was a FTM. There is a thing called nipple confusion and it's real and it happens to a lot of babies. If you are planning to breastfeed, at least the first 1-3 months then its suggested to wait on giving your baby the pacifier. At least 1-2 weeks. Although my breastfeeding consultant said it's more like 3-4 weeks. That will give both you and the baby time to establish successful breastfeeding and more importantly help your milk supply. Now some babies won't have problems with it, and will latch on perfectly and you will have nothing but great experience with bf. That was me with my second child, she actually had no problem going between her binky and my nipple. However my first child did go through some nipple confusion. And it made my breastfeeding journey, let's just say not a very happy one. I realize this advice isn't gonna work for everyone, this is for those who want to BF exclusively the first month or so, before introducing bottles. There are a ton of info/articles about this online, definitely read up on this if you have some time. Or feel free to ask me questions.