We did it!!!

TJQ • 5 Cesarean births gave me 5 beautiful babies, I am so blessed🤗

After having a long history of preterm labor and incompetent cervix, I carried baby #5 just 1 day shy of 38 weeks!!! This pregnancy has been an absolute blessing, we were shocked, and so were our doctors that we made it to a "safe" point. Previously I've delivered at 31 weeks (NICU stay), 35 weeks (NICU stay), 36 weeks (came home), and 35 weeks again (NICU stay) through all my pregnancies except my first my labor was stopped or slowed on multiple occasions.

I was in and out out of the hospital from 31 weeks until delivery with this pregnancy, and then when we hit 36 weeks we were at the hospital again in labor and amazingly they were able to slow my contractions and my cervix was holding still at 1-2cm. At my follow up appointment my doctor said we will make another appt, but I dont expect to see you, it was a rough week with lots of contractions, but I made it to my appt at 37 weeks, and this time she could feel head but still 1-2cm, and just 2 days after that appt I went into labor again, on 12/8 at 5:03pm, weighing 8lbs 1oz our little Emma Joy took her first breath🤗

She has been doing spectacular, she nurses like a pro, and she spoils me!! She was an answer to my daughters prayer for a baby sister, and she was prayed for continually to be born healthy!! God answered our prayers above and beyond! This was my 5th csection, and it was the most amazing experience versus my others, I got to see her being pulled out, and we got to do skin to skin and nurse while they were closing, it was amazing!!!

My last belly pic before we left for the hospital! Biggest belly I've ever had!!!

Leaving for home!!!

Her follow up at the docs

Her today, she will be a week old tomorrow 😢