Breech baby at 34 weeks

Angelique • Momma to 2 little boys and a little girl❤ Valentino Lee 06/14/17 Ramiro Jose 01/17/19 Taya Nicole 11/10/20

I had My 34 week appointment yesterday and little man is breeched. My dr said that if hes not head down in 2 weeks at my 36 week appointment that we'll have to talk about turning his ourselves or a c-section. Any moms have advice? He said not to try to turn him because he may be like that for a reason (cord wrapped) and if we had to turn him ourselves, we would be at the hospital just incase. If you had a breeched baby at 34 weeks, did they turn by 36?

And so far he's measuring way bigger than his brother did at this time. His brother was born 6 pounds 15 ounces and little man is already measuring 5 pounds 3 ounces.

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