Soo that happened

Scheduled appointment to get a gastric bypass so I could lose a hundred plus pounds to help my health in order to get pregnant. I currently weigh 303. It doesn’t affect my health considerably Since I don’t quite carry it poorly. I don’t have any sleep apnea or high blood pressure or cholesterol, but I know it is definitely hindering my pcos, inability to lose weigh on my own as well as my chances of conceiving. Well I’ve been checking in with my doctor going through several follow ups and haven’t had a period in a while. Well today I found out I’ve not had a period because I’m pregnant! Doing the surgery to help me be able to get pregnant and already was 😯 after the baby is born and possibly 6-7 months old I’ll reschedule an appointment to try and continue on my weight loss journey to better myself. But I am over the moon and had to share with someone!