Am I overreacting?

Leslie • 💙•SAHM• Boy mom•pcos•breastfeeding•💙

Okay so we have a family Christmas lunch/dinner tomorrow. We’ve been talking about this for weeks so it’s not news to my husband. We were asked to being a dessert so I wanted to make some Christmas cookies. Hubby was so excited that I was going to bake because he loves my baking.

I want them to be fresh so I’ve told him all week that I was making them Friday night.

Friday night comes and he has an issue with watching the baby. I only baked 12 cookies and he’s telling me he’s ready for bed and so is the baby and I’m stupid for trying to bake for people who aren’t going to give a damn.

He was supposed to wash the baby and he didn’t. He didn’t even change him. He say the baby in the high chair and went to bed. I’ve put the baby to sleep and took him to the bedroom and I am continuing my baking.

Am I wrong for wanting just this little bit of time for myself ? I don’t care if my family doesn’t eat them.

Oh yea and he said he didn’t like their cooking so he didn’t want to go. He’s never went to that side of the family. He’s only tasted 1 of my cousins cooking and yea it’s nasty. I told him he could stay home and I’ll ride with my mom. But he said he doesn’t want people talking shit about him so he’s going.

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